I offer a wide variety of services and have the knowledge, experience and expertise to take your project from start to finish.


While most web professionals specialize on either the design side or the programming side, there's no need to compromise on your next project. I offer a wide variety of services and have the knowledge, experience and expertise to take your project from start to finish. As a versatile freelancer, I provide the extensive services of a creative agency without the overhead.


“I need a kickass logo

Most branding projects begin with a potential client calling me and saying "I need a kickass logo," and the conversation springboards from there. While a logo is the first thing we generally think about when it comes to branding, it's just one chapter of the story. It is the culmination of all that your company represents and the communication of that to your customers.

Branding begins with research. I can't in good conscience develop a visual identity for your company without gaining a strong understanding of how it should position itself within its industry. This discovery process aids us in building a strategy for setting your company apart from its competitors and speaking most effectively to its target market.

All facets of your company's brand will be driven by the result of the discovery process. This includes the company's visual identity— the typography, the color palette, photography and illustration styles, as well as the overall tone and character of the company's various communications. There should be reason and intention behind every element of your company's overall brand.

Wheeler Seafood
Noca Labs
Alliant Title & Escrow

UI/UX Design

“I want a slick website.”

Sure, your website needs to look good, but a great website begins with a strong information architecture and user interface. These are achieved through content audits and the creation of a thoughtful sitemap and UI wireframes. Once these have been established, the visual design process is just a matter of allowing the company's brand and aesthetic to exhibit itself, through the development of custom graphics, typography and other design elements.

Over half of all web traffic today comes from mobile devices. So, it's paramount that your site is mobile-optimized to provide a great user experience for all of your visitors. Mobile optimization offers SEO benefits as well— search engines like Google and Bing prioritize mobile-friendly websites in their page ranking algorithms.

Noca Labs
Stone's Public House

Web Development

“Can you build it?”

I love solving problems—it's why I started building websites in the first place. I'm obsessed with finding out how things work behind the scenes and coming up with new solutions. I have over fifteen years of experience designing and programming high-quality complex web applications and custom content management systems, and pride myself on writing beautiful and maintainable code.

I also understand that some problems already have solutions. I'm well-versed in building sites driven by open-source content management systems like Drupal and WordPress.

Website Maintenance

“My site got hacked!”

Deploying a website is a wonderful milestone, but it's not the end of the story. Each and every website on the Internet is a target for hackers, so it's critical to keep a trained eye out for malicious activity. I offer maintenance contracts for my clients, which include the following:

  • Provision of automated on-site and off-site encrypted backups of all web assets
  • Provision and monitoring of intrusion-detection routines
  • Routine monitoring and execution of CMS core and 3rd party module/plugin software updates
  • Provision of a private staging environment for testing of software updates
  • Removal of malware, spam and malicious code
  • Assumption of the role of intermediary between the client and hosting provider for troubleshooting and support for website outages and performance issues


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